Listen to my prayer, hear it echoing in the dark chamber of my heart Take me from this island, free my shadow beneath a shower of light Listen to the music, the harmony of the spheres, the rolling wave beneath the tranquil sea Remember me, the forgotten, the poetry of Anonymous The greatest philosopher who […]

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Visions of honor National identity Feudal patronage Is it heaven’s will Fealty, nobility I think it is not The war engines roar Burning loyalty to fuel Sick machinations Asking the question Are we impoverished without A king or a queen Our bones bought and sold Our blood and hope, like strong drink It was not […]

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Homily – 10th Sunday in Ordinary Time (Year C), Feast of the Most Holy Trinity

First Reading – Proverbs 8:22-31 © Responsorial Psalm – Psalm 8:4-9 © Second Reading – Romans 5:1-5 © Gospel Acclamation – Revelation 1:8 The Gospel According to John 16:12-15 © (NJB) The reading from Proverbs today speaks to the eternality of God’s wisdom, as well to the basic division of the God’s into more than […]

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