Hope is a Garden


Hope is the teaching

All will be well, breathe, inspire

Lead with hope, brandished


Like fire, Carry it

Like water; water falling

Wet the garden soil


From a rusting pipe

Nourish, feed the wounded soul

Slake the naked thirst


The house has no roof

Our mother’s house, our father’s

Is a place of prayer


Exposed and crumbling

Façade, the house has no walls

Collecting the wind


In the center falls

Water in the garden from

A pulsing valve, flows


Into flower beds

Speak to the stranger, villain

Vagabond, speaking


Wordless, the rhythm

Of the heart, beating in the

Language of birds, song


The soft whisper, hope

In this place there is love, home.

This bed is your own


Gather a vision

Filled in the pooling water

Listen to flowers


Bursting with pollen

Bright petals are wind-blown flags

In the shining sun


Hope is the teaching

Hope for the future of all

Weed and flower, one


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