Emergence: Section Three, Earth; Part Nineteen, Consciousness, Collected Chapters


Consciousness; Part Nineteen,

Chapter One: Self  

Pt. 19, Ch. 01

A birth is a coalescence of matter organizing into form; supporting a consciousness, emerging independent and alone.



Consciousness; Part Nineteen,

Chapter Two: Other

Pt. 19, Ch. 02

The animal brain; its glands pumping chemicals into a liquid consciousness; fearful, regarding all others as threat.



Consciousness; Part Nineteen,

Chapter Three: Mother

Pt. 19, Ch. 03

There is a time for every mammal, in the warmth, and dark of the womb, when they are truly one with another; mother.



Consciousness; Part Nineteen,

Chapter Four: Father  

Pt. 19, Ch. 04

Stranger, protector, arbiter; a father is the first person the child seeks to bond with, to contend with, to please.



Consciousness; Part Nineteen,

Chapter Five: Siblings

Pt. 19, Ch. 05

The first with whom you share a common bond, and to compete; you identify with them, learn betrayal, and to forgive.



Consciousness; Part Nineteen,

Chapter Six: Family   

Pt. 19, Pt. 06

We protect those closest to us with ferocity equal to our own drive for self protection; blood, family, it binds us.



Consciousness; Part Nineteen,

Chapter Seven: Other Self


Pt. 19, Ch. 07

We become self-aware fearing any; accept kin, who shared our interests, learning to see strangers as other selves.




Section Three, Earth

Part Nineteen, Consciousness

Collected Chapters

Section 03, Earth

Part 19, Consciousness


01 Self

02 Other

03 Mother

04 Father

05 Siblings

06 Family

07 Other Self







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