Emergence: Section Three, Earth; Part Twenty-one, Collective, Collected Chapters


Migration; Part Twenty-one,

Chapter One: Forest  

Pt. 21, Ch. 01

A clearing in the trees, close to a clear stream, the fire burning; smoking fish, bird, rabbit. The primordial life.



Migration; Part Twenty-one,

Chapter Two: Plains

Pt. 21, Ch. 02

Look across the plain; over the tall grasses, the open sky, deep-blue, and oppressing. Dangers lurking in the field.



Migration; Part Twenty-one,

Chapter Three: Hills

Pt. 21, Ch. 03

From caves in the forest by clear springs, across the open plain; we built homes on hills, drawn closer to the stars.



Migration; Part Twenty-one,

Chapter Four: Mountains  

Pt. 21, Ch. 04

We led the herd to the mountain, and up the lofty peak; looking for passes. We found ourselves, we found the sacred.



Migration; Part Twenty-one,

Chapter Five: Rivers

Pt. 21, Ch. 05

We followed the rivers to the source; the clear springs from which the water flowed, and founded our villages there.



Migration; Part Twenty-one,

Chapter Six: Coast   

Pt. 21, Pt. 06

The first roads were shorelines. We roamed the inland lakes, and seas; those flat coastal plains, trekking our path.



Migration; Part Twenty-one,

Chapter Seven: Ocean


Pt. 21, Ch. 07

On thin strips of wood, in canoes; we hurled ourselves into the sea, like the ancients did as they crossed the stars.




Section Three, Earth

Part Twenty-one, Migration

Collected Chapters

Section 03, Earth

Part 21, Migration


01 Forest

02 Plains

03 Hills

04 Mountains

05 Rivers

06 Coast

07 Ocean







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