Emergence – A Twitter Novel – Prolog in Seven Parts



Prolog: Part One – Philosophy


An alien world is a garden; to some a farm. What is the difference? Farms are tended, harvested; for the greater good.

~ The Observers Manual


Prolog: Part Two – Mission Your role is to witness; to see, listen, and taste. Experience their art, speech, and culture. Empathize. Do not sympathize with the people.


Prolog: Part Three – Purpose When a species creates a mechanical form of group consciousness; Ascertain if they are ready to transcend the limits of their consciousness.


Prolog: Part Four – Reality There is one reality; every galaxy, star, planet, person participates in it. All of time is one thing. The eternal and the infinite are one.


Prolog: Part Five – Meaning As a species matures, the meaning it ascribes to its own experience evolves. Witness the change; from passive creature to active co-creator.


Prolog: Part Six – Role The role of the observer is difficult. You must always resist the urge to influence your subjects, become entangled; you must not love them.


Prolog: Part Seven – Character The observer is quiet; not a leader. A listener; never be the decider. Move with the pack, be flexible. Don’t invest in a particular result.



Prolog in Seven Parts

Emergence, A Novel on Twitter

Prolog, In Seven Parts

01 Philosophy

02 Mission

03 Purpose

04 Reality

05 Meaning

06 Role

07 Character







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