City of Water, Haiku (Collected)

  1. Title Piece (City of Water)

City boys running

Hard streets are streams of concrete

Hot tar, cool water


  1. The Chain of Lakes

Cedar, Kenilworth

Isles, Calhoun, Harriet; flow

The path of glaciers


  1. School – Part One

School, turned inside out

Piles of brick, dust…flowers plucked

Fish out of water


  1. Lake Street

The strip, straight and wide

Pool hall hustlers, dealers, vice

Twenty-one bus ride


  1. The Tracks

Trains run…kids balance

Skip along the iron rails

Arms outstretched like wings


  1. Uptown

The lighted marquee

Under, the flashing tower

Smoke, drink, and laughter


  1. Forests

Deer roam the city

Quiet hooves on hidden paths

Where there is no hunt

I read this Selection of Haiku from my Collection, at the June gathering of Poets n’ Pints, June 15th, 2016


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