Emergence: Section Four, Kathy; Part Twenty-five, Abnormal, Collected Chapters


Abnormal; Part Twenty-five,

Chapter One: School

Pt. 25, Ch. 01

At age five Kathy’s parents placed her in a private tutelage. They were unnerved by her manners, and feared for her.



Abnormal; Part Twenty-five,

Chapter Two: Testing

Pt. 25, Ch. 02

All of Kathy’s tutors had a pattern; first delighted, then scared. They tested her, wrote about, then exploited her.



Abnormal; Part Twenty-five,

Chapter Three: Sequestered

Pt. 25, Ch. 03

At age ten, Kathy was not with tutors, but with doctors, and clergy entrusted to guard her education. She was alone.



Abnormal; Part Twenty-five,

Chapter Four: Institutionalized  

Pt. 25, Ch. 04

It took time to find a spot for Kathy; a home for prodigies, a front for National Security, a betrayal. It was safe.



Abnormal; Part Twenty-five,

Chapter Five: Experiment

Pt. 25, Ch. 05

Kathy read, listened, watched. She studied; took tests and was tested, probed, examined for limits of her knowledge.



Abnormal; Part Twenty-five,

Chapter Six: Psychic  

Pt. 25, Pt. 06

Kathy’s handlers had not considered the term “ordinary psychic.” The depth of her gift required that classification.



Abnormal; Part Twenty-five,

Chapter Seven: Think Tank


Pt. 25, Ch. 07

Kathy’s moods normalized with age. Her gifts with analyzing data grew exponentially. Institutions formed around her.




Section Four, Kathy

Part Twenty-five, Abnormal

Collected Chapters

Section 04, Kathy

Part 25, Abnormal


01 School

02 Testing

03 Sequestered

04 Institutionalized

05 Experiment

06 Psychic

07 Think Tank









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