Emergence: Section Four, Kathy; Part Twenty-seven, Isolated, Collected Chapters


Isolated; Part Twenty-seven,

Chapter One: Art

Pt. 27, Ch. 01

Kathy journeyed inside herself; learning muscle control, and the sense to give life to the memories she wandered in.



Isolated; Part Twenty-seven,

Chapter Two: Music

Pt. 27, Ch. 02

Music was the most difficult for Kathy; it changed so little over time. The beating drums told thousands of stories.



Isolated; Part Twenty-seven,

Chapter Three: Dance

Pt. 27, Ch. 03

Kathy danced without thinking; lost in the drum, in a movement, in moments flowing from the present into past ages.



Isolated; Part Twenty-seven,

Chapter Four: Diet  

Pt. 27, Ch. 04

Flavors and odors haunted her. Kathy found solace in the bland; modern, processed food, foreign to human experience.



Isolated; Part Twenty-seven,

Chapter Five: Academic

Pt. 27, Ch. 05

In time; Kathy was allowed a semblance of a normal life. She was placed in a small college; did research, and wrote.



Isolated; Part Twenty-seven,

Chapter Six: Recluse  

Pt. 27, Pt. 06

Even though Kathy had developed the ability to ward off psychic intrusions; nevertheless, she preferred to be alone.



Isolated; Part Twenty-seven,

Chapter Seven: Travel


Pt. 27, Ch. 07

Her handlers wanted Kathy close to them. Now, with everyone linked by satellite her autonomy increased. She took it.




Section Four, Kathy

Part Twenty-seven, Isolated

Collected Chapters

Section 04, Kathy

Part 27, Isolated


01 Art

02 Music

03 Dance

04 Diet

05 Academic

06 Recluse

07 Travel







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