Emergence: Section Four, Kathy; Part Twenty-eight, Encounter, Collected Chapters


Encounter; Part Twenty-eight,

Chapter One: Watched

Pt. 28, Ch. 01

Kathy felt she was being followed by a man who was not connected to the agency. His face evoked powerful memories.



Encounter; Part Twenty-eight,

Chapter Two: Correspondence

Pt. 28, Ch. 02

Kathy ignored the fact that the letter in her box was not stamped or metered. She read it; entering into conspiracy.



Encounter; Part Twenty-eight,

Chapter Three: Conversation

Pt. 28, Ch. 03

The phone rang, the man spoke to her in a language dead for 2,000 years. Her heart raced; knowing she was not alone.



Encounter; Part Twenty-eight,

Chapter Four: Meeting  

Pt. 28, Ch. 04

They met at a café that Kathy frequented. It was a busy place, and it was not unusual for strangers to sit together.



Encounter; Part Twenty-eight,

Chapter Five: A Man Like No Other

Pt. 28, Ch. 05

Kathy was at ease with Jim; his soothing voice, she came right out of her memories, and she could not read his mind.



Encounter; Part Twenty-eight,

Chapter Six: Desire  

Pt. 28, Pt. 06

It was the first time; she encountered a human she could not fathom, all she wanted to do was absorb herself in him.



Encounter; Part Twenty-eight,

Chapter Seven: Jim


Pt. 28, Ch. 07

Kathy felt peaceful, and comforted; being with Jim. His mind was still. He was an ancient person, and she loved him.




Section Four, Kathy

Part Twenty-eight, Encounter

Collected Chapters

Section 04, Kathy

Part 28, Encounter


01 Watched

02 Correspondence

03 Conversation

04 Meeting

05 A Man Like No Other

06 Desire

07 Jim







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