Emergence: Section Five, 92835670100561474; Part Thirty-three, Remembrance, Collected Chapters


Remembrance; Part Thirty-three,

Chapter One: The Ancient Life

Pt. 33, Ch. 01

The ancient life was not easy. There was conflict, and war. There was death; a promise to end the concern of living.



Remembrance; Part Thirty-three,

Chapter Two: The Promise of Continuum

Pt. 33, Ch. 02

The Continuum was promoted as a means of freeing people from the vicissitudes of life, and the drudgeries of living.



Remembrance; Part Thirty-three,

Chapter Three: The Lie

Pt. 33, Ch. 03

Continuum freed no-one. It perpetuated the banal, and magnified the mundane; carrying the Collective into depravity.



Remembrance; Part Thirty-three,

Chapter Four: Suffering  

Pt. 33, Ch. 04

Continuum shared in the collective experience of each individual. The most intense experiences were the most shared.



Remembrance; Part Thirty-three,

Chapter Five: Will

Pt. 33, Ch. 05

Many who joined the Continuum underwent a negation of self from which they never recovered. Only the strong survive.



Remembrance; Part Thirty-three,

Chapter Six: Desire  

Pt. 33, Pt. 06

Desire is the root of self, of joy, of suffering. Before fear there is desire the greatest determiner of who we are.



Remembrance; Part Thirty-three,

Chapter Seven: Justice


Pt. 33, Ch. 07

The Continuum fostered a visceral depravity deep within itself, and only a tiny minority craved justice as a result.




Section Five, 92835670100561474

Remembrance; Part Thirty-three

Collected Chapters

Section 05, 92835670100561474

Part 33, Remembrance


01 The Ancient Life

02 The Promise of Continuum

03 The Lie

04 Suffering

05 Will

06 Desire

07 Justice







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