Emergence: Section Five, 92835670100561474; Part Thirty-five, Discovery, Collected Chapters


Discovery; Part Thirty-five,

Chapter One: Mutations

Pt. 35, Ch. 01

On the trek, over multiple lifetimes; he found subtle changes in physicality among the peoples of different planets.



Discovery; Part Thirty-five,

Chapter Two: Origins

Pt. 35, Ch. 02

Mutation is a normal response to radiation, gravity; differing from world to world. Earth produced something unique.



Discovery; Part Thirty-five,

Chapter Three: History

Pt. 35, Ch. 03

In the ganglia of mythology; he found the record of their journey across the stars; retold through stories and song.



Discovery; Part Thirty-five,

Chapter Four: Homecoming  

Pt. 35, Ch. 04

The end was Earth. The ancients who landed here had nowhere else to go; neither did the Observer once he found them.



Discovery; Part Thirty-five,

Chapter Five: The Nous Sphere

Pt. 35, Ch. 05

Inhabiting a human body was unlike any experience the observer ever had before, consciousness itself was different.



Discovery; Part Thirty-five,

Chapter Six: Cynergy  

Pt. 35, Pt. 06

Jim began to modify his genetic profile; to enhance the genetic sequence optimizing his conscious link to the field.



Discovery; Part Thirty-five,

Chapter Seven: The Organic Collective


Pt. 35, Ch. 07

He discovered Earth’s cynergenic field, a natural form of Continuum, the collective consciousness of the human race.




Section Five, 92835670100561474

Discovery; Part Thirty-five

Collected Chapters

Section 05, 92835670100561474

Part 35, Discovery


01 Mutations

02 Origins

03 History

04 Homecoming

05 The Nous Sphere

06 Cynergy

07 The Organic Collective







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