Emergence: Section Six, The Empire; Part Forty-one, Tradition, Collected Chapters


Tradition; Part Forty-one,

Chapter One: Story

Pt. 41, Ch. 01

His life symbolized the faith of every citizen in the Empire. A million worlds followed him; put their hopes in him.



Tradition; Part Forty-one,

Chapter Two: Pietas

Pt. 41, Ch. 02

The perception of holiness mattered more than its reality. Image is everything, rhetoric was the measure of the day.



Tradition; Part Forty-one,

Chapter Three: Custom

Pt. 41, Ch. 03

For the rituals of the priesthood; every gesture was important, rippling through the lives of the faithful in rings.



Tradition; Part Forty-one,

Chapter Four: Classism  

Pt. 41, Ch. 04

The imperial system was held together by class, rank, ancestry and heredity. Everybody longed for a release from it.



Tradition; Part Forty-one,

Chapter Five: Socialism

Pt. 41, Ch. 05

Autonomy was an illusion; private property, self-direction. In truth, everything and everyone is owned by the state.



Tradition; Part Forty-one,

Chapter Six: Globalism  

Pt. 41, Pt. 06

To be at peace in the Empire a person had to accept the view that their happiness was an integral part of the whole.



Tradition; Part Forty-one,

Chapter Seven: Universalism


Pt. 41, Ch. 07

Individual fulfillment came only through the chain of being; in which each person experienced life at every station.




Section Six, The Empire

Tradition; Part Forty-one

Collected Chapters

Section 06, The Empire

Part 41, Tradition


01 Story

02 Pietas

03 Custom

04 Classism

05 Socialism

06 Globalism

07 Universalism







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