Emergence: Section Seven, War; Part Forty-five, Possession, Collected Chapters


Possession; Part Forty-five,

Chapter One: Self

Pt. 45, Ch. 01

Everyone was taught; all good things flowed from the Empire; from Continuum. The first gift was existence, selfhood.



Possession; Part Forty-five,

Chapter Two: Home

Pt. 45, Ch. 02

The Empire controlled family life, keeping families bound to a single dwelling for generations; as a way of control.



Possession; Part Forty-five,

Chapter Three: Trade

Pt. 45, Ch. 03

The citizens lived their lives within a narrow band of possibilities. Work, and trades were hereditary, and guarded.



Possession; Part Forty-five,

Chapter Four: Control  

Pt. 45, Ch. 04

Those in positions of power required balance and poise. Control requires greater control; to force it is to lose it.



Possession; Part Forty-five,

Chapter Five: World

Pt. 45, Ch. 05

The citizen had no say in the destiny of their home-world, they saw it as theirs, and themselves as belonging to it.



Possession; Part Forty-five,

Chapter Six: Rites  

Pt. 45, Pt. 06

Conformation to the Imperium was organized through religious rite; taking precedence over every other communal bond.



Possession; Part Forty-five,

Chapter Seven: Access


Pt. 45, Ch. 07

People coveted access more than anything; access to authority, to those able to grant a boon or advance their cause.




Section Seven, War

Possession; Part Forty-five

Collected Chapters

Section 07, War

Part 45, Possession


01 Self

02 Home

03 Trade

04 Control

05 World

06 Rites

07 Access







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