Emergence: Section Seven, War; Part Forty-nine, Battle, Collected Chapters


Battle; Part Forty-nine,

Chapter One: Evasion

Pt. 49, Ch. 01

When the energy weapons powered up, the fleet separated predictably. They could not see the missiles they flew into.



Battle; Part Forty-nine,

Chapter Two: Position

Pt. 49, Ch. 02

Jim only had to wait. They were coming. To reach the Central Planet, they would have to navigate the weapons fields.



Battle; Part Forty-nine,

Chapter Three: Target

Pt. 49, Ch. 03

The Admiral sent his ships in as decoys to draw fire. They were cut apart while he landed in the heart of the world.



Battle; Part Forty-nine,

Chapter Four: Mele  

Pt. 49, Ch. 04

The landing forces were met by a myriad of drones on the planet’s surface. They were cut down to a small contingent.



Battle; Part Forty-nine,

Chapter Five: Courage

Pt. 49, Ch. 05

A priest, a general, and a few soldiers were all that remained when they came to the access nodes for the Continuum.



Battle; Part Forty-nine,

Chapter Six: Victory  

Pt. 49, Pt. 06

Jim accepted their surrender. In the common tongue, he issued terms for a realignment of the faith and the Imperium.



Battle; Part Forty-nine,

Chapter Seven: Defeat


Pt. 49, Ch. 07

Rebel Observers, had planned the destruction of Continuum for millennia. Only to see it usurped by one rogue member.




Section Seven, War

Battle; Part Forty-nine

Collected Chapters

Section 07, War

Part 49, Battle


01 Evasion

02 Position

03 Target

04 Mele

05 Courage

06 Victory

07 Defeat







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