War and Delusion

Nature is red in tooth and claw, or so Saint Augustine said

See beneath the placid waters of the calming lake, where it is eat or be eaten

There is always a bigger a fish


Peer beyond the gold and purple of the meadow, flowering

The snake and the fox are on the hunt, the spider is weaving, and the cat is prowling

We humans are the worst of all 


We languish in the comfort of peace, smothered in its balmy illusion

Delighting in the sweet euphoria of the warming breeze, soft and wet, and smelling of the sea

We are the swine-herd of Calypso


The world is at war and its burning with a magnificent heat, a nuclear fire

Violence tearing continents apart, consuming cultures, and nations, and tribes, devouring them 

Hungry America, daughter of Liberty


She walks the earth like a Titan, pissing and shitting everywhere

Leaving fields of corpses, each body a seed of resentment, filling rivers with blood, and waste

She is not America, she is Kali Amer

            Amer Kali, the goddess, The Destroyer of Worlds, bitter and raw


It happens in an instant, depending on how you measure time

A tiny event, a million minutes, a blink of the eye, an episode of pain

A flash of white and it is gone


We view the past in abstracted pieces, frame by discontinuous frame

Memory never captures reality, it reconstructs, creating something new

A conditional aesthetic


A lawn chair, a sun tan, the oil coated skin, bright and glistening

Bronzed and warm, fractals repeating, a desperate nation, a starving child

The intoxication of peace, inebriating war

Our comforts are not free



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