Flashing Youth

We were Uptown
Where the crowds flowed
Swelling along the avenue
We had to walk into traffic
Just to make it down the block
City kids stepping to the beat
Drums beating with our hearts
Hands pounding, Del Mar singing
Love one another
You and me
In the light of the tower
Its flashing beacon lighting up the night
We were Uptown
There were girls I desired, wanted to run with
We leapt from the pyramid, green summer lightning
We slip beyond the dome of world
We danced through the window pane
Into the place beyond
We were Uptown
Where longing tore me, sharp and bone
Blood pulsing, filling me
At the sight you, tall and blonde and proud
With curves that left me spinning
Our breathing closed the space between us
Lips and tongues, touching in the dark
A naked embrace in in the hot summer night
Fogging the windows of your car
In the parking lot at Mc Donald’s
On thirty-sixth street by the lake
In the water in the moonlight
The goddess in my hands
A Wayzata girl
Beautiful, alien and kind
We were Uptown
Peregrinating, pro-generating
Giving birth to ideas, pushing them
Getting fucked for ideals
We bright feathered monsters
Birds calling through the evening
Falling to pieces in morning in the sun
We were Uptown
We were writing
Boldly on the marquee
Rebellion, revolution,
We children of the atom
Hard as the concrete streets
Cool as streams of water
Falling from the moon
We were Uptown
We were ignorant
Wallowing in smoke, and booze
The afterbirth of teenage ambition
We were open minded and xenophobic
At one and the same time
We were Uptown
We did as we pleased
Desperate children
Distorted with contradictions
Seeking expression in discord
We were Punk
We were royalty
We Princes, and Princesses
And the rest of the world would have to deal with it
Given at the New Shit Show, Minneapolis
Tatterwood Gallery

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