Observation – August 2nd, 2017, Wednesday

It was dark, deep dark In the middle of the night The witching hour passed   My cat is sleeping She is curled up on her chair She does little else   There is a rattle Noises come from the upstairs The house is creaking   A car rolls past, bass Booming down the avenue […]

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A Bleak History of Christian Mission – Part V

The Church took over another function of Roman government as it entered the imperial phase, the distribution of grain distribution.   Prior to the advent of the Imperial Church, Christian communities in urban centers throughout the Empire had already assumed this function. The Church more than any other group distributed bread to the hungry. In […]

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Lamplight Part IX

In the way, we walked as angels Messengers of the sacred heart A crown of fire before us A company of friendship There was light, there was heat Clear water filling deep pools Clean water from the spring Above the shifting sands Advertisements

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