Martin Luther King Day 2018

Monday, January 15th   Today we celebrate the life and work of the Reverend Doctor, Martin Luther King Jr., a man who more than any other, fulfilled the role of our nation’s conscience.   He was a prophet, not in the sense that he saw the future (though he did), that is not what a […]

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New Year’s Day 2018

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.   Today is a day of beginnings.   A small miscalculation at the outset, a subtle deviation from the plan, will cause you to miss your mark by a wide margin, cause you to never reach your end, or to end in a place […]

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Thanksgiving, the Via Negativa

Today is Thanksgiving. It is a secular holiday, but nevertheless, Thanksgiving is sacred to most Americans.   Many of us are writing, posting memes, outwardly expressing the things that we are thankful for.   That is nice. It is conscientious, appropriate. We have much to be thankful for.   A heartfelt expression of gratitude is […]

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Veteran’s Day

Today is Veteran’s Day, November 11th.   I am a veteran, as is my father, and some few of my friends (very few).   From the end of World War I, until 1954, we celebrated this day as Armistice Day, as a remembrance of that moment in that first great-global conflict, when the fighting stopped […]

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God, Atheism and the Problem of Evil – Part IV

The accounts of personal and cultural pain that have been transmitted by individual people throughout history, whether the pain they experienced was physical, emotional or spiritual, have produced experiences that been invaluable tools for interpersonal and intercultural dialogue.   We understand that the experience of grief and sorrow may be an essential component in the […]

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On the Freedom to Marry – Collected Parts

It is wrong to deny women and men the freedom to be married. It is wrong and Un-American. It is inhuman, against humanity. There is a continuing struggle over civil liberties and human rights in our culture, and around the world. It is a struggle that divides Americans at every level; in our governments, in […]

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On the Freedom to Marry – Part XVII

As a Christian theologian and historian, I can tell you that the scriptures do not contain very much reference material on homosexuality. There are a few mentions of it, and I grant that the references which are there, do condemn homosexuality. However, it should be noted that the scriptures condemn all sexuality outside of wedlock […]

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