A Homily – Mark 1:7 – 11 ©

The Gospel According to Mark – 2018.01.01   John and Jesus The gospel for the day illustrates the movement from the ministry of John to the ministry of Jesus. The narrative is executed with a minimum of fanfare, and with only a slight suggestion that the transposition from John to Jesus was ordained by God. […]

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A Homily – Luke 2:22 – 40 ©

  The Gospel According to Luke – 2017.12.31   Fulfillment Propaganda, and Mythology Read the narrative carefully. It is mythology and propaganda, as such it is a deviation from the way, for the way is always found in the service of the truth. The gospel writers gave us narratives concerning the early life of Jesus […]

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A Homily – Mark 1:1 – 8 ©

The Gospel According to Mark – 2017.12.10     Prophetic Movements   If there ever was a prophet named Isaiah, he did not predict the coming of John and Jesus.   We know that this is true, because we believe that God, the creator of the universe, created it in freedom, and nothing is determined. […]

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