Nightmare II

Irrational fears These questions are mysteries Simple, frightening Nightmares of folly Incapacitating dreams I cannot see through The deep dark unknown Making monsters from shadows Outside the window Tapping, tap tapping The bogey man in hiding Lurking with his axe A hungry spirit A child’s feet step lightly down On the bedroom floor Bladder full, […]

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Goddess of mercy Come comfort me, hear my plea To be whole and well Sister, full of grace Gentle sister, mend my heart Mend the ruptured seal Oh joy of Heaven Drain the ocean of my pain Wash me in your light Compassionate one Lead me to the perfect life With your touch, lift me […]

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The expressionless The void I turn away from Self-abandonment Alone and thinking Nothingness and being, self Purposive desire The world turns around And I turn with it, spinning The revolution I cannot commit Temporalities and lies Social inclusion Caste, class and station Flawed particularities Our identities Continuity A self-manifestation The vanishing point I am on […]

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Dangerous waters The turbulence of living With no shore in sight Tossed in the moonlight The cold dark sea, beneath me Falling in the trough I am alien Even the sea rejects me Clinging to the raft My divided heart Its beating, pounding rhythm Pump the ocean’s swell Dangerous waters The turbulence of living In […]

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Mother, ancient-one Mother, goddess of the field We plead for mercy   Mother, ancient-one We need you, spare your children Misery and doom   My prayer is a plea How much blood do you require? Flesh, the human feast   Mother forgive us Virgin Mother, goddess, light Winged crone, darkest night   Faith, I pray […]

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The boy dreams, quiet Legs crossed, sitting on the curb Awake, head in hands   Eyes open, searching Looks beyond the passing cars Past the rumbling noise   Through the darkened shroud Into a different world Cloistered and alone   Reason and terror War machines scream through the night The echoes of crows   Enveloped […]

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Sing to the unknown In the place where shadows fall The pipes are calling   The bell has been rung Echoes murmur in the tide In waves resounding   The mind alighting The flicker of a candle Glows beneath the shroud   Secrets in the night Love-dreams of the infinite Cross the Milky-way   Reaching […]

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