A moment of pain Inevitable folly The hidden revealed Variables turn Dance on the head of a pin Angels in the light Witness together The loss of a continent Cataclysmic pain The will to ruin Indifferent and alone The violent fall We angle to own In the spirit to subdue To name and call ours […]

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This day, a new birth Alive and in sensation The dawn breaks, I am This new miracle The translation of being Metamorphosis This love is a gift Beatified, a vision Sacred as God’s trust Elated to be Released from the uterus Awake in the light Revealing this day The world beyond the cloister Unattached and […]

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Desperation, and The search for identity The need to conform Affectation, and The cool assimilation Seeking unity Pull together, for The safety of the ego From the many, one We turn down the flame That sheds the light on difference We are dim actors Examination We suffer it, we give-up The secrets of self To […]

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I abandoned you Humanity, I left you Following the quest I became the beast I hunted, I consumed the feast Ensnared in my dreams Advertisements

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A shadowless plane Lifting, the Seraphim flies Into the deep night The unspoken truth Snared in nets of mystery Loving and sorrow My heart is open The sweet flow of slow passion Tears fall in bright sparks Advertisements

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Saint Valentine’s Day

Jennifer is she Bright as a morning in May Sensual and sweet A light in the dark A warming breeze in winter February’s love Freckles, and green eyes Your flashing smile lights my heart As the sun in spring Four years of loving Kind, and thoughtful Valentine Jennifer is she Advertisements

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Sit at the window Stare at the wet gray morning The streets strewn with trash Contemplate the storm The darkened rush of pain, slips The rain moving on A broken column The great tree, scorched and limbless Bursting at its roots The electric flash A conflict of heat and light Summoned from the Earth The […]

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