Slip (A Haiku Quatrain)

Tenuous at best Tenably slipping, this grip My fragile clasping   Through handfuls of air Alone, awake and confused Sanity suffers   Stretched tight and thin Spirit on a tangled skein Imperceptible   Desperate wailing Crying in the dark of night My faltering hand  

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The Gift

We are the en-souled Creatures rising in the dark Reaching out, alone   We did not choose, life To come to be, we awoke A poor creation   Birth is concrescence A continuum of fear In the heat of love   The wheel of life turns Not one of us asked for it The imposition […]

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Lost, and losing light The world spins beneath a shroud Veiled, these are not clouds   The turning world waits Hopes, losing warmth bit by bit Waiting for the dawn

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Baptism and Emptiness

These feelings oppress Even as they exalt me Pride, humility   My dynamic will An inclination to move Bound and struggling   Duty and honor They stretch me on the altar Servant to ideals   The stone blade cuts deep Frees me from my wounded heart Cruel, unforgiving   Selfless diffusion The holy ghost, washed […]

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  Soft curving vision   Radiant with passion’s heat   Burning in the flesh       Spellbound in bright eyes   Depth without measure, reflect   Waves, and wind, and tide       Listen, a question   Voice, resounding and faultless   Eternal echo       She lifts and she falls   […]

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Heart, soul, and mind These capacities escape me Unquenched, unfulfilled   My loss of vision The pursuit of knowledge, self Unresolved, undone   Mystical and blind Reason, profitless quest Unendurable   I am alone, the Center of a universe That I cannot share   Philosophies speak I may as well be nothing Dreaming and waking

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