The state of being Human, want and confusion The pique of desire The crushing tempest Lashing at my sanity Dissembling in fury The fugue, a blessing Isolated, forgotten The collapse of self A super-nova Ego, crushed by its own mass Self-realization Alienation Wander the hidden places Promise of echoes Advertisements

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The empty harbor Echoes of the forlorn heart A wail of Sirens Seagulls taken flight Lift against the heavy wind Driven from the shore My breath escapes me Icey in the morning mist The fog clings to me The wind, whispers lies Fate blows cold over the deep Ghost ships gone to sea The broken […]

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Sunrise in pastels The pale melody of Dawn Pink-violet fire The lake, un-rippled Capturing the softest shades A silver mirror In still life portrays Beauty surpassing knowledge A goddess of light Goddess, beyond time Seizing the divine, rapture Grace, in the pure-land Soft now, she rises Prismatic-brilliance, light Across the still plane Radiant vision Pale […]

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Silver in moonlight The still sea reflects the stars Hope, love’s bright mirror   Keeper of dreams, witch Calypso whispers softly Come sleep on my shore   Eat the wild fruit, live Drink the lotus nectar, rest In the sweet perfume   Step into heaven The deep green horizon, pure Beneath the banyan   While […]

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A longing for peace In a world of strife, conflict The end of anguish Falling to my knees Washing blood from the altar Clotting in the cup Give me some relief Pull the sliver from my eye Cleanse me with the truth I will cling to it Fall into its gravity Its binding rhythm A […]

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The Greatest of All Time

Muhammed Ali Floated away from the world Two years ago, gone Muhammed Ali The greatest of all time, with The world in his hands Muhammed Ali The greatest of all time, lives In stories and song I woke in the night I heard the news he had passed Listened and cried for Muhammed Ali The […]

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Look forward in time Calculated perceptions Draw me to the truth There is no truth Solemnity, I You, searching for an answer Trouble following There are no answers Questing for the grail Joyful purpose, thine and mine Me and thee, as one The grail is empty Forwards contending Shaping every moment, new Under the deep-blue […]

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