Faith Seeking Understanding

Belief Beyond Knowing Does God exist? Does the universe, and do we human beings as a part of it, have a purpose beyond the fulfillment of our immediate desires? Is the entire construct we call reality just an accident, a random sequence of events that are completely unnecessary, un-called for, and as meaningful as the […]

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Dangerous waters The turbulence of living With no shore in sight Tossed in the moonlight The cold dark sea, beneath me Falling in the trough I am alien Even the sea rejects me Clinging to the raft My divided heart Its beating, pounding rhythm Pump the ocean’s swell Dangerous waters The turbulence of living In […]

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A Homily – Mark 1:1 – 8 ©

The Gospel According to Mark – 2017.12.10     Prophetic Movements   If there ever was a prophet named Isaiah, he did not predict the coming of John and Jesus.   We know that this is true, because we believe that God, the creator of the universe, created it in freedom, and nothing is determined. […]

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Emergence, In Fifty-five Words – Section Seven, War; Part Forty-seven, Tactics, Collected Chapters

  Emergence 2.0 A Novel – In 55 Words a Day Day 337, December 3rd, 2017   Chapter One: Ground   In war, the ground you occupy, the ground you move into, that ground determines everything.   In space, ground is a euphemism for the matrix of complex actions occurring in multiple vectors.   In […]

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Contra Dissonata

There is one reality, its nature is singular.     We are one creation, the living universe.   The uni-verse is.   It is, we are, one word, one story, one saga, one song, one epic poem; all of time and space is one.   It is a story filled with tragedies, but it has […]

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Mother, ancient-one Mother, goddess of the field We plead for mercy   Mother, ancient-one We need you, spare your children Misery and doom   My prayer is a plea How much blood do you require? Flesh, the human feast   Mother forgive us Virgin Mother, goddess, light Winged crone, darkest night   Faith, I pray […]

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