Shifting and moving Light, shaping cells of being Waves alternating   People, communing Bound by the weak current, a Valence of vision   Questions that shape us Our joyful spaces, the life We create and love   Brought to our sorrows The Affirmation of pain Each day, by vision   Make each second real We […]

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Uptown (1987)

The warm summer nights Beneath the flashing awning Crowds, lines of moviegoers   The sweaty hustle Street people making music Making money, play   Children panhandling Strutting through traffic, laughing Birds, bright and feathered   Chirp, sing, beat their wings Proud of their art and talking Politics and coffee   Reading and writing  Literature and […]

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An ocean of tears Shed in sorrow and silence Voiceless agony   Angel, have mercy Sing, wash me in your echo Your cleansing music   The withering world The divine presence binds me I will not perish   Free me from myself Intoxicated by light Memories of love   Calm me with reason Soak me […]

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Attached to a Phone Cord

It was an image out of time A man walking with telephone in hand The long handset at his right ear The bulky base hanging from his fingers At his waist, the curling cord Like a bandolier across his chest A long cable trailing along the floor A slender, flat worm, fixed to the wall […]

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Cult     The world is full of rage and violence Children of the first world sleep, and dream Lazily, as untroubled as the lotus eaters, lost Victims slumbering like Circe’s swine, fat Fed and herded by their glowing screens In quiet anonymity, to the digital slaughter The abandon of youth, bucolic and confused They […]

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Reflections in a broken mirror Life’s jagged contours, conforming In the pale and faded mirror A thousand pieces of me In a thousand pieces of glass A million specs of silver…dust   Look there I am smaller than a splinter   I have known beauty I washed in her pools  I drank from her cup […]

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