Faith Seeking Understanding

Belief Beyond Knowing Does God exist? Does the universe, and do we human beings as a part of it, have a purpose beyond the fulfillment of our immediate desires? Is the entire construct we call reality just an accident, a random sequence of events that are completely unnecessary, un-called for, and as meaningful as the […]

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Contra Dissonata

There is one reality, its nature is singular.     We are one creation, the living universe.   The uni-verse is.   It is, we are, one word, one story, one saga, one song, one epic poem; all of time and space is one.   It is a story filled with tragedies, but it has […]

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Discipline and Strategy

The greater part of our daily lives can be summarized under the heading of goal fulfilment.   We are constantly in the process of fulfilling goals.   It does not matter if we ourselves actively think of our lives this way or not; it is an appropriate characterization nonetheless.   Even the act of getting […]

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Contra Relativism et Futility

Is the universe, is reality in general, an utterly incomprehensible field of chaos in motion?   The answer is quite simply no.   There are many philosophers, however, writing books and teaching in universities who cling to the pretense that this is remains a relevant question.   Is there a universal order, are there universal […]

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Thanksgiving, the Via Negativa

Today is Thanksgiving. It is a secular holiday, but nevertheless, Thanksgiving is sacred to most Americans.   Many of us are writing, posting memes, outwardly expressing the things that we are thankful for.   That is nice. It is conscientious, appropriate. We have much to be thankful for.   A heartfelt expression of gratitude is […]

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Perspective is everything, it is all we have as we make our way through the world. The way we see things, our point view, this is absolutely determinative of how we will decide things when we have choices to make.   There is a profound need for humility at the juncture where our individual perspective […]

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