Pain and Toil (Haiku Series)

My world is in pain There is war, both visible And invisible   Murder and torture Ubiquitous indifference Killing for profits   Sheep to the slaughter Machinations of power There is no honor in it   Let the people go The many, dying for bread Thirst for clean water   They are innocent Toiling for […]

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Reflections in a broken mirror Life’s jagged contours, conforming In the pale and faded mirror A thousand pieces of me In a thousand pieces of glass A million specs of silver…dust   Look there I am smaller than a splinter   I have known beauty I washed in her pools  I drank from her cup […]

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Life presents questions And I desire answers, give Me keys to the mysteries There is compulsion A relentless drive to see Truth, beauty, goodness Cloistered and alone Fists pounding in silent rage Alienation Echo is silent The forgotten muse retreats In the muffled dark In the womb of fear Scratching images of hope On the […]

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