The empty harbor Echoes of the forlorn heart A wail of Sirens Seagulls taken flight Lift against the heavy wind Driven from the shore My breath escapes me Icey in the morning mist The fog clings to me The wind, whispers lies Fate blows cold over the deep Ghost ships gone to sea The broken […]

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A longing for peace In a world of strife, conflict The end of anguish Falling to my knees Washing blood from the altar Clotting in the cup Give me some relief Pull the sliver from my eye Cleanse me with the truth I will cling to it Fall into its gravity Its binding rhythm A […]

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Jennifer is she Bright as a morning in May Sensual and sweet Light in my darkness Warming breeze in winter’s cold February’s love Green eyes and freckles Your flashing smile lifts my heart As the sun in spring Wise and reflective Bright as lightning in the storm Comes the thirteenth day Four years of loving […]

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A moment of pain Inevitable folly The hidden revealed Variables turn Dance on the head of a pin Angels in the light Witness together The loss of a continent Cataclysmic pain The will to ruin Indifferent and alone The violent fall We angle to own In the spirit to subdue To name and call ours […]

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I abandoned you Humanity, I left you Following the quest I became the beast I hunted, I consumed the feast Ensnared in my dreams

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Presidents Day 2018

Monday, February 19th   Presidents Speak for Themselves A Reflection   Presidents are human beings.   They have all been men (so far), flawed men, everyone who has ever held or sought the office.   Some have had heroic attributes. All of them have had craven moments. There have only been forty-four of them, until […]

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  Peace from the Divine   Blessings hang in the thick air   With a static crack       Over the TV   The radio signals peace   From the all-mighty       Pouring through my flesh   Waves penetrate every cell   Attenuated       Peace from the Divine   Preachers-preaching […]

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