I abandoned you Humanity, I left you Following the quest I became the beast I hunted, I consumed the feast Ensnared in my dreams Advertisements

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Presidents Day 2018

Monday, February 19th   Presidents Speak for Themselves A Reflection   Presidents are human beings.   They have all been men (so far), flawed men, everyone who has ever held or sought the office.   Some have had heroic attributes. All of them have had craven moments. There have only been forty-four of them, until […]

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  Peace from the Divine   Blessings hang in the thick air   With a static crack       Over the TV   The radio signals peace   From the all-mighty       Pouring through my flesh   Waves penetrate every cell   Attenuated       Peace from the Divine   Preachers-preaching […]

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Observation – January 3rd, 2018, Wednesday

Observation   The radiators here do not clang and bang   They are filled with hot water, not steam   I hear the flow in a low pitched rush   As the boilers work to beat the cold   Air seeping through the window sills   Kitty is curled up in her blue blanket   […]

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Goddess of mercy Come comfort me, hear my plea To be whole and well Sister, full of grace Gentle sister, mend my heart Mend the ruptured seal Oh joy of Heaven Drain the ocean of my pain Wash me in your light Compassionate one Lead me to the perfect life With your touch, lift me […]

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A Homily – Matthew 25:14 – 30 ©

The Gospel According to Matthew – 2017.11.19     God is not a King, or a Banker, the Betrayal of the Church   It is heartbreaking to see the teaching of Jesus betrayed so completely by the writers of the Gospels.   The authors of Matthew, writing a hundred years or so after the death […]

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Pain and Toil (Haiku Series)

My world is in pain There is war, both visible And invisible   Murder and torture Ubiquitous indifference Killing for profits   Sheep to the slaughter Machinations of power There is no honor in it   Let the people go The many, dying for bread Thirst for clean water   They are innocent Toiling for […]

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