Observation – February 3rd, 2018, Saturday

Observation   It is dark in the room The lamp by my desk has gone out I am writing, typing In the glow of the computer screen Backlit by another lamp On the end-table by the couch Behind me, the talk from the TV Contains shades of treason The orange-man has pulled The curtain from […]

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Observation – September 2nd, 2017

Observation   It is cool in the house The cool of early September, it will give way To warmth in the day, then dissipate   There is ragweed in the air The pollen is scratching my throat Raking my sinuses, my head is pounding   The phlox outside my kitchen window Bears the softest tone, […]

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Observation – August 2nd, 2017, Wednesday

It was dark, deep dark In the middle of the night The witching hour passed   My cat is sleeping She is curled up on her chair She does little else   There is a rattle Noises come from the upstairs The house is creaking   A car rolls past, bass Booming down the avenue […]

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Observation – June 2nd, 2017, Friday

  The morning sun is streaming in through my kitchen window   Reflecting off a stack of boxes against my book case   The morning sun is bright, and flashing   The day promises to be sunny hot   There is a for sign in the yard next to the sidewalk   It says for […]

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March 2nd, 2017, Thursday, Observation

It is 5:00 am and the city is stirring. I have been awake for a few hours writing. My cat is sleeping in the window, Half lidded and watching. There are rabbits on the lawn in the frosted morning. The news is of the Attorney General lying, Lying to the Senate under oath. My lady […]

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2016.08.01 - Cat.jpg

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Observation – January 2nd, 2017, Monday

Observation   It is 4:00 pm, and the rain is freezing. The rain covers everything in a thickening layer of ice, a slurry of slush and snow. It was warm today, but the temperature is falling, dropping below zero. There are people outside, they have no shelter. Some will not make it through the night. […]

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