Soft curving vision   Radiant with passion’s heat   Burning in the flesh       Spellbound in bright eyes   Depth without measure, reflect   Waves, and wind, and tide       Listen, a question   Voice, resounding and faultless   Eternal echo       She lifts and she falls   […]

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The cosmic movement, everything is motion  Everyone is dancing, we do not dance alone  I, and I are never alone  Never mind the dark and silence  Never mind the space, empty all around us  I, and I are always present  I enigma, I of the heart and mind  I friend, I foe, I and I, […]

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Hallway of mirrors Bright floor glowing, dancers lift Stretch, the bar of dreams   Wandering muses Alight, the satire of age The wise comedy   The ballerina Dancing blindly in worn shoes Floating, falling, free   The arresting smile Cold mask of innocence Shatters in repose   Ballerina, doll Alive under pressure, rise The passionate […]

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Emergence: Section Four, Kathy; Part Twenty-seven, Isolated, Collected Chapters

  Isolated; Part Twenty-seven, Chapter One: Art Pt. 27, Ch. 01 Kathy journeyed inside herself; learning muscle control, and the sense to give life to the memories she wandered in. #Emergence   Isolated; Part Twenty-seven, Chapter Two: Music Pt. 27, Ch. 02 Music was the most difficult for Kathy; it changed so little over time. […]

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Attached to a Phone Cord

It was an image out of time A man walking with telephone in hand The long handset at his right ear The bulky base hanging from his fingers At his waist, the curling cord Like a bandolier across his chest A long cable trailing along the floor A slender, flat worm, fixed to the wall […]

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