The forests were fenced in by houses and industry, by commerce encircling   Like the walls of a prison       The forests in the city were relics, a museum pieces, growing in their ancient place   Where the forest has always been, like an alien       The forests was perpetually […]

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Loss of Faith

The world in shadow The falling rain is poison Look, there is nothing   Fertilize with pain Gardeners with their shovels Dig beneath gray skies   Nothing to choose from The cultivation of thorns A heart piercing loss   Is there purpose here Death of honesty, and grace Smothered with deceit   All our plans […]

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Rest with the fallen Sleep with the dead, they are friends Even those you feared   Welcome death and peace The corpse rotting in the grave The corpse is nothing   Time cleanses no-one Words will never heal the wounds The victims of wars   Knock, knock at my door Patriotic lies, and jokes The […]

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