A Homily – Mark 8:1-6 ©

The Gospel According to Mark – 2018.07.08 Faith and Power The gospel reading for today suggests that there are limits to Jesus’ power. “He could work no miracles there,” the people in his home town would not accept him. He left feeing despised, by most if not all. Of course we know that his mother, […]

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A Homily – Mark 5:21-43 ©

The Gospel According to Mark – 2018.07.01   Faith and Power The Gospel for today is a lesson on faith. It is steeped in stories of divine power and magic, but it is really about faith, faith which means trust. It is a call to all people who suffer, it is an encouragement to hope, […]

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Mountains of sadness The endless rain of regrets Yesterday’s twilight The span of ages From the birth of time The human being comes Plagued by doubt and fear The unsolvable riddle The Gordian knot We ask the questions Why does my heart beat, pump blood? Why do I perceive? Scratching the lessons In lives that […]

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Faith Seeking Understanding

Belief Beyond Knowing Does God exist? Does the universe, and do we human beings as a part of it, have a purpose beyond the fulfillment of our immediate desires? Is the entire construct we call reality just an accident, a random sequence of events that are completely unnecessary, un-called for, and as meaningful as the […]

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