Have no anxiety about the future, it will always be there. Seize the moment, and you will have it in your hand. Reflect on your experience at every turn. Put your feelings before the analysis. Analyze, and adapt. Listen. Look. Breath. Prepare for change. Change is inevitable, the only constant. Foresight is a mirage, a […]

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Freedom and Power

All around the world, and throughout the span of human history, governments have always grown into oppressive bureaucracies, transforming first into oligarchies until they finally become aristocracies, meandering one way or another through meritocracy, autocracy and plutocracy along the way. This is the natural entrenchment of political power, a pattern so prevalent it feel like […]

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Emergence 3.0 – Section Two, The Continuum; Part Eight, The Body; Chapter Six, Freedom

Emergence 3.0 A Novel – In One Page Per Day Day 062, Saturday March 3rd, 2018 Chapter Six: Freedom In the Continuum there was no want. There was no need for anything. There were only desires, appetites, and cravings for experiences that the membership of the Collective wished to be fulfilled. Pain, and the struggle […]

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On the Freedom to Marry – Part XVI

When the legal analysis failed, and court after court has rejected the arguments for discriminating against gay people. When the social analysis has been brought in and we are forced to think objectively about the vast numbers of actual people who would be disenfranchised if these discriminatory laws were to return, the real motivation behind […]

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