Emergence 2.0 A Novel – In 55 Words a Day Day 029, January 29th, 2017   Chapter One: Journey   A wormhole is not a tunnel in space/time, linking one place to another. A wormhole is a shortcut through subspace, not a passageway at all. It is a transposition. It is trillions of […]

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Home – A Haiku Quatrain

A place to lay down Keep to my books, blanket, bed Head on my pillow   Basement rooms, attics Living in construction zones Homes of becoming   Rooms that were not mine A couch to sleep on, roaches Moving all the time   Shelter, organize Give something to the good world Planted flowers bloom  

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Emergence: Section Seven, War; Part Forty-five, Possession, Collected Chapters

  Possession; Part Forty-five, Chapter One: Self Pt. 45, Ch. 01 Everyone was taught; all good things flowed from the Empire; from Continuum. The first gift was existence, selfhood. #Emergence   Possession; Part Forty-five, Chapter Two: Home Pt. 45, Ch. 02 The Empire controlled family life, keeping families bound to a single dwelling for generations; […]

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