Patience is a virtue, a strength…you have heard it said. Indeed it is, and while virtue connotes a masculine strength, from the Latin: vir, meaning: man, women are the paramount exemplars of this trait. Of all the qualities that a human may possess, of all the ways in which a person may engage the world, […]

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New Year’s Day 2018

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.   Today is a day of beginnings.   A small miscalculation at the outset, a subtle deviation from the plan, will cause you to miss your mark by a wide margin, cause you to never reach your end, or to end in a place […]

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Lux Aeterna

A ray of light Narrowly escapes A closing door Achieves expression   Warmth Hope Mystery   Illuminates space Enlightens an object Casts a shadow Creates a question

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You overwhelm me I am caught, lost in your scent Sea foam and honey   Goddess, Aphrodite Venus, daughter of Titans I bow before you   Queen of Olympus Uncrowned, ruler of the heart I am your servant   Six billion prayers One in every kiss, love spills From your blushing lips   In the […]

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Life presents questions And I desire answers, give Me keys to the mysteries There is compulsion A relentless drive to see Truth, beauty, goodness Cloistered and alone Fists pounding in silent rage Alienation Echo is silent The forgotten muse retreats In the muffled dark In the womb of fear Scratching images of hope On the […]

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Lamplight Part V

The way, we stepped into it Burning with the heat of stars Alight with the purity of love We had no thought of tomorrow We did not bargain for the future We set our hopes on the present We trusted in each other We worked, slept and it was good

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