Sunrise in pastels The pale melody of Dawn Pink-violet fire The lake, un-rippled Capturing the softest shades A silver mirror In still life portrays Beauty surpassing knowledge A goddess of light Goddess, beyond time Seizing the divine, rapture Grace, in the pure-land Soft now, she rises Prismatic-brilliance, light Across the still plane Radiant vision Pale […]

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Silver in moonlight The still sea reflects the stars Hope, love’s bright mirror   Keeper of dreams, witch Calypso whispers softly Come sleep on my shore   Eat the wild fruit, live Drink the lotus nectar, rest In the sweet perfume   Step into heaven The deep green horizon, pure Beneath the banyan   While […]

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Earth Day is my Birthday

All of our eggs are in one basket, I have said it before. We live here, all-together and we have no place else to go. The world is a big place and it can take a lot of damage, but the ecosystems we depend on are specialized and fragile, the world itself will survive many […]

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When I was a child Easter always came in conjunction with a week off from school, Spring Break. Spring Break always came with Eastertide, but in the public schools were not allowed to call it Easter Break, on account of the separation between church and state. I am not sure when it happened, but at […]

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Patience is a virtue, a strength…you have heard it said. Indeed it is, and while virtue connotes a masculine strength, from the Latin: vir, meaning: man, women are the paramount exemplars of this trait. Of all the qualities that a human may possess, of all the ways in which a person may engage the world, […]

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