Life presents questions And I desire answers, give Me keys to the mysteries There is compulsion A relentless drive to see Truth, beauty, goodness Cloistered and alone Fists pounding in silent rage Alienation Echo is silent The forgotten muse retreats In the muffled dark In the womb of fear Scratching images of hope On the […]

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Lamplight Part V

The way, we stepped into it Burning with the heat of stars Alight with the purity of love We had no thought of tomorrow We did not bargain for the future We set our hopes on the present We trusted in each other We worked, slept and it was good

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Lost, and losing light The world spins beneath a shroud Veiled, these are not clouds   The turning world waits Hopes, losing warmth bit by bit Waiting for the dawn

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There is Hope in Space

Editorial, The Week in Review – Analysis, Commentary, Opinion 10.01.2016   There is Hope in Space   The world reached a tipping point in the amount of greenhouse gasses that are lingering in the atmosphere.   The newspapers said we had passed a point of no return. This is not exactly true, we can sequester […]

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