Memorial Day

Memorial Day is a day set aside for reflection. It is a day meant for us to honor our fallen dead. The meaning of Memorial Day has changed a great deal since it was founded. At its inception, it was meant to honor African American soldiers who fought and died in the Civil War, both […]

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We Are One

The essential individuality of the human being is not a concept I would try to refute. We are born as individuals, as unique nodes of consciousness with an individuated perspective concerning the reality of our experience. This is a fact. As individuals we are prone to think of ourselves-only, to forget about the rest of […]

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Of Poetry and Misery

Oh bastion of virtue, portico of romantics, Muse Make me pure again Mortal that I am, re-birth me in your golden light A child of the Furies My broken feet are bleeding, tired of dragging against time Driven through the mire My shell of being, I am weary of seeing, feeling Still born in still-life […]

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