Ode to the Restaurant (In Verse)

I owe much to the restaurants I have worked. It is due to this debt, I write this ode. Though, even in the best of times, I do Find the onus to be odious, and a Loathsome labor, a wearying-work. Yet The restaurant has always been there for me; Since I left home, un-ripened, and […]

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On Agrarianism and Slavery – Complete

Editorial, The Week in Review – Analysis, Commentary, Opinion 04.30.2016   The Division of Labor in the Ancient World The Rise of Agrarianism and the Onset of Slavery   Part I – Introduction   Everything eats. There is no life without food; without nourishment there is only death.   The abundance of food, or its […]

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On Agrarianism and Slavery – Part VII

Just as we saw with our examination of Plato, and the ancient law codes, which described the social classes, occupations, and roles that human cultures continue to foster today; there is also wisdom to be gleaned from the ancient myths, and more understanding of the social forces that were shaping their cultures than may at […]

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On Agrarianism and Slavery – Part VI

In the twentieth century major advances in medical technology came, immunizations and sanitation provided much of what was necessary for a vast expansion in the human population. But, what was needed most were changes in agronomy, in the production and distribution of food. When that happened, human population exploded.   In the year 1000 C.E. […]

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On Agrarianism and Slavery – Part IV

Even though Plato was living in the fourth century B.C.E.; Plato could have been describing the human components of a modern city, from farmers and tradesmen, to financiers. It appears that not a lot has changed. He describes a society in which the classes of law-givers, law-enforcers and all others are governed primarily by heredity, […]

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On Agrarianism and Slavery – Part III

In the fourth century B.C.E. the philosopher Plato wrote a treatise titled On Justice, in which he seeks to present his understanding of how the qualities of justice and virtue emerge in a human being. This treatise became his most famous piece of writing and is popularly known as The Republic.[i] Plato probes the notion […]

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On Agrarianism and Slavery – Part II

It would be difficult to press an argument that the advent of farming has been bad for human culture, and so I will not try to do that. It would be nearly impossible to argue that advances in agriculture lead to an increase in human misery. The more that human beings have advanced their skill […]

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