Lamplight – Collected Parts

The way was lit by lanterns Some blaring like a beacon Others cloaked and hooded  Lanterns burning in the heart A light from age to age, aglow Against the curtain of time In the wild dark of space In our country, in our homes   A compass reveals the way A floating needle pointing true […]

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Lamplight Part IX

In the way, we walked as angels Messengers of the sacred heart A crown of fire before us A company of friendship There was light, there was heat Clear water filling deep pools Clean water from the spring Above the shifting sands

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Lamplight Part VIII

For the drowning, the way is life A taught line through the swells Leading those dancing in the sea Chasing the human moment Reach for it, love’s fragile object Glimmering beyond the typhoon Above Charybdis’ maw And the hunger of the Scylla Advertisements

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Lamplight Part VII

The way is light and peace Bursting through illusions A shower of stars, burning Passing through the dome Lanterns in the silvered sky Thought reshapes the world Free from the hand of gravity Without mass, without weight Advertisements

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Lamplight Part VI

Flashback to yesterday, wayward The story of salvation, unread Forgotten, names and reflections We were lost in s tale of freedom Adrift in the night, rocking Cradled in the trough of the wave Asleep beneath the velvet curtain Dreaming of the liquid world Advertisements

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Lamplight Part V

The way, we stepped into it Burning with the heat of stars Alight with the purity of love We had no thought of tomorrow We did not bargain for the future We set our hopes on the present We trusted in each other We worked, slept and it was good Advertisements

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Lamplight Part IV

Falling reveals the way The embrace of gravity As certain as anything In the tortured world Step outside of the dome Into the slow, elongation Of time, untethered and Drifting in the vacuum Advertisements

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