A Part of the Whole

“Know thyself! The unexamined life is not worth living.” ~Socrates What is real comes to our awareness through its engagement with our limited senses: sight, sound, smell, taste, and touch. The senses we possess are not objective, they are incongruous, conditioned by relative values, including the relative nature of our individual points of view, our […]

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I had a vision Approaching the infinite Together with you   Trembling and in love Humbled by your grace, constant The vision we shared   Possibilities Visions of eternal life Reflected in you   I had a vision Poised on the head of a pin Angels gathering   Slip the grip of fear The heart’s […]

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Lamplight Part VIII

For the drowning, the way is life A taught line through the swells Leading those dancing in the sea Chasing the human moment Reach for it, love’s fragile object Glimmering beyond the typhoon Above Charybdis’ maw And the hunger of the Scylla

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The Gift

We are the en-souled Creatures rising in the dark Reaching out, alone   We did not choose, life To come to be, we awoke A poor creation   Birth is concrescence A continuum of fear In the heat of love   The wheel of life turns Not one of us asked for it The imposition […]

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