Sunrise in pastels The pale melody of Dawn Pink-violet fire The lake, un-rippled Capturing the softest shades A silver mirror In still life portrays Beauty surpassing knowledge A goddess of light Goddess, beyond time Seizing the divine, rapture Grace, in the pure-land Soft now, she rises Prismatic-brilliance, light Across the still plane Radiant vision Pale […]

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A longing for peace In a world of strife, conflict The end of anguish Falling to my knees Washing blood from the altar Clotting in the cup Give me some relief Pull the sliver from my eye Cleanse me with the truth I will cling to it Fall into its gravity Its binding rhythm A […]

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When I was a child Easter always came in conjunction with a week off from school, Spring Break. Spring Break always came with Eastertide, but in the public schools were not allowed to call it Easter Break, on account of the separation between church and state. I am not sure when it happened, but at […]

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There is nothing more troubling than rejection No matter how fleeting or fragmentary the desire might have been To be denied is to stare into a mirror where there is no reflection No light casting image No object of adoration No subject of recognition No resonance of love

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Saint Valentine’s Day

Jennifer is she Bright as a morning in May Sensual and sweet A light in the dark A warming breeze in winter February’s love Freckles, and green eyes Your flashing smile lights my heart As the sun in spring Four years of loving Kind, and thoughtful Valentine Jennifer is she

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Lux Aeterna

A ray of light Narrowly escapes A closing door Achieves expression   Warmth Hope Mystery   Illuminates space Enlightens an object Casts a shadow Creates a question

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