Shifting and moving Light, shaping cells of being Waves alternating   People, communing Bound by the weak current, a Valence of vision   Questions that shape us Our joyful spaces, the life We create and love   Brought to our sorrows The Affirmation of pain Each day, by vision   Make each second real We […]

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Lost, and losing light The world spins beneath a shroud Veiled, these are not clouds   The turning world waits Hopes, losing warmth bit by bit Waiting for the dawn

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Tabula Rasa

Being, a blank screen Impersonal and empty Cold, pre-persona   Fingers turn pages Reach beneath the cool surface Grasping for knowledge   Determining truths Words in simple forms capture Experiences   Scrawled on the surface In symbols of light and shade Self deepening, self   A slate of numbers    The binary path, seeking Truth, […]

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Emergence: Section Seven, War; Part Forty-seven, Tactics, Collected Chapters

  Tactics; Part Forty-seven, Chapter One: Ground Pt. 47, Ch. 01 In war, ground determines all things. In space, ground is a euphemism for complex actions occurring in many vectors. #Emergence   Tactics; Part Forty-seven, Chapter Two: Time Pt. 47, Ch. 02 Unified action was everything. A dance of great complexity, when done, those remaining […]

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October 1st, 2016, Saturday

Observation   It is noon, the autumn sun is bright,   And silver.   My cat is sitting on her blanket in the window;   Soaking the soft light into her soft tawny fur.   The news talkers are chattering as I type;   Trump, trumpet, strumpet, hype.   I am tired; from three weeks […]

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