Emergence, In Fifty-five Words – Section Seven, War; Part Forty-four, Loyalties, Collected Chapters

  Emergence 2.0 A Novel – In 55 Words a Day Day 315, November 11th, 2017   Chapter One: Genetic   Many things united the people of the Empire; language, cult, custom.   Fear and hope were among the most powerful forces establishing both mutuality and commonality throughout the worlds.   Nevertheless, the children of […]

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I had a vision Approaching the infinite Together with you   Trembling and in love Humbled by your grace, constant The vision we shared   Possibilities Visions of eternal life Reflected in you   I had a vision Poised on the head of a pin Angels gathering   Slip the grip of fear The heart’s […]

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I sought more than to know Love But to be the heart The dynamism that drives   The compassionate vision Simple mysteries Evade my acquisition

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Shifting and moving Light, shaping cells of being Waves alternating   People, communing Bound by the weak current, a Valence of vision   Questions that shape us Our joyful spaces, the life We create and love   Brought to our sorrows The Affirmation of pain Each day, by vision   Make each second real We […]

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An ocean of tears Shed in sorrow and silence Voiceless agony   Angel, have mercy Sing, wash me in your echo Your cleansing music   The withering world The divine presence binds me I will not perish   Free me from myself Intoxicated by light Memories of love   Calm me with reason Soak me […]

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