A longing for peace In a world of strife, conflict The end of anguish Falling to my knees Washing blood from the altar Clotting in the cup Give me some relief Pull the sliver from my eye Cleanse me with the truth I will cling to it Fall into its gravity Its binding rhythm A […]

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Place my home on a hill Above the greening valley Dreaming in the mist Clear waters rippling Sunlight’s flash on dappled streams Lullabies of peace Blissful and sleeping In the tranquil quiet Soft, the beating heart Joyful in my rest If I live another day Good, among my friends

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  Peace from the Divine   Blessings hang in the thick air   With a static crack       Over the TV   The radio signals peace   From the all-mighty       Pouring through my flesh   Waves penetrate every cell   Attenuated       Peace from the Divine   Preachers-preaching […]

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Veteran’s Day

Today is Veteran’s Day, November 11th.   I am a veteran, as is my father, and some few of my friends (very few).   From the end of World War I, until 1954, we celebrated this day as Armistice Day, as a remembrance of that moment in that first great-global conflict, when the fighting stopped […]

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Emergence, In Fifty-five Words – Section Five, 92835670100561474; Part Thirty-two, Abnegation, Collected Chapters

    Emergence 2.0 A Novel – In 55 Words a Day Day 232, August 20th, 2017   Chapter One: Penalty   Ages passed before he was discovered entering the experiential fields of other members of the Collective, violating their privacy.   There were no laws against it.   There was no law.   This […]

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Lamplight Part VII

The way is light and peace Bursting through illusions A shower of stars, burning Passing through the dome Lanterns in the silvered sky Thought reshapes the world Free from the hand of gravity Without mass, without weight

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