Groping in the mist, my mind is clouded, wisdom I cannot see you Silent Sophia Invisible and blind, cacophony rising Fortuna and Justice, sisters to the Fates, drowned in Fountains of ego Lost in a haze, tired Swimming against the tide, searching for refuge, rest Crashing on sharp stones, hot rocks, baked beneath the sun […]

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Chaos and Order

The drive for peace and Calm, a tranquil dream, steady A sure reflection In the smooth surface Free of turbulent water The still pool, stagnant A captured image Like the spirit, fixed in film Frozen expression A denial, of life Of the constancy of change Perpetual change Struggle for meaning To find truth, wisdom, knowledge […]

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Emergence 3.0 – Section Five, 92835670100561474; Part Thirty-two, Abnegation; Chapter Four, Peace

Emergence 3.0 A Novel – In One Page Per Day Day 235, Thursday August 23rd, 2018 Chapter Four: Peace In time he mastered himself; he was able to focus. He had no idea how long this took, time itself had become meaningless, and then he began to count. He carved out a place in his […]

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A longing for peace In a world of strife, conflict The end of anguish Falling to my knees Washing blood from the altar Clotting in the cup Give me some relief Pull the sliver from my eye Cleanse me with the truth I will cling to it Fall into its gravity Its binding rhythm A […]

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Place my home on a hill Above the greening valley Dreaming in the mist Clear waters rippling Sunlight’s flash on dappled streams Lullabies of peace Blissful and sleeping In the tranquil quiet Soft, the beating heart Joyful in my rest If I live another day Good, among my friends

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  Peace from the Divine   Blessings hang in the thick air   With a static crack       Over the TV   The radio signals peace   From the all-mighty       Pouring through my flesh   Waves penetrate every cell   Attenuated       Peace from the Divine   Preachers-preaching […]

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