Stepping onto the train platform, he lights a cigarette The hustle of the crowd confuses him Palm to his forehead, he feel it, the cool-clammy Perspiration, sweating The advent of shock Heart pounding-quickening pulse Psychogenic-fuge He steps into the crowd of people, lost and consumed Steaming bodies rock him Tobacco smoke in the air makes […]

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There is nothing more troubling than rejection No matter how fleeting or fragmentary the desire might have been To be denied is to stare into a mirror where there is no reflection No light casting image No object of adoration No subject of recognition No resonance of love

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Pain and Toil (Haiku Series)

My world is in pain There is war, both visible And invisible   Murder and torture Ubiquitous indifference Killing for profits   Sheep to the slaughter Machinations of power There is no honor in it   Let the people go The many, dying for bread Thirst for clean water   They are innocent Toiling for […]

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Lamplight Part VI

Flashback to yesterday, wayward The story of salvation, unread Forgotten, names and reflections We were lost in s tale of freedom Adrift in the night, rocking Cradled in the trough of the wave Asleep beneath the velvet curtain Dreaming of the liquid world

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Lamplight Part V

The way, we stepped into it Burning with the heat of stars Alight with the purity of love We had no thought of tomorrow We did not bargain for the future We set our hopes on the present We trusted in each other We worked, slept and it was good

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I Am the River

I am the glacier where the river comes to be   I am the mountain from which the river flows   I am the ocean where the river ends   I am that which feeds upon the river, drink from me   I am that which the river feeds upon, drown in me   I […]

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