On Zen Buddhism – Part I

The Perfect Way knows no difficulties Except that it refuses to make preference Only when freed from hate and love It reveals itself fully and without disguise   A tenth of an inch’s difference And heaven and earth are set apart If you want to see it manifest Take no thoughts either for or against […]

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Lamplight Part III

The way was told in whispers We could not cry for it aloud It was always just before our feet By the side of the road right now We stood in the eternal moment A lantern on a pole before us Raised up, and hanging on a tree So bright its light was blinding

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A Homily – John 14:1 – 12 ©

The Gospel According to John – 2017.05.14     Getting It The Gospels are replete with stories that depict the ignorance of Jesus’ twelve male disciples.   You them. They were human beings and like all of us they were flawed, confused, and ignorant.   Jesus even refers to Saint Peter as “Satan,” the enemy, […]

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