Earth is your garden Goddess, light of heaven burning Bright, in your service   We flower in you Goddess, queen of the cosmos Formed in your bounty   The wind is your praise Goddess, of the starry field You spin the world, fate   Cleanse the poison air Goddess, free us from our doom Swoon, […]

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Water, I Am

  Water.   That one word, water   It is a sentence all by itself; subject, verb and predicate.   Water is the stuff of life, and I am it.   I am water; water held together by a fragile web of membranes, by permeable cell-walls, by tissues, some as hard and dense as bone, […]

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Hope is a Garden

  Hope is the teaching All will be well, breathe, inspire Lead with hope, brandished   Like fire, Carry it Like water; water falling Wet the garden soil   From a rusting pipe Nourish, feed the wounded soul Slake the naked thirst   The house has no roof Our mother’s house, our father’s Is a […]

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City of Water, and Wild Places

Collected Haiku   City of Water City boys running Hard streets are streams of concrete Hot tar, cool water   Minneapolis Resting on the plains Astraddle the river’s banks Flowing, from the sky   Family Root, shoot and blossom Dig deep, push, reach for the wind Drink from the black earth   The Chain of […]

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